Aircraft design Visualizations

Suntoucher aircraft concept

Suntoucher is a concept of high range solar powered aircraft. High efficiency rotor blades are working in two main flight modes. This aircraft is adapted to fly in solar powered or gliding mode. In first mode Suntoucher can climb in high flight levels and cruise the sky.

In the case of less efficiency, aircraft can fold the rotor blades. This is a conversion from an engine aircraft to a pure glider with high wingspan, lightweight composite construction and glider ratio similar to high-end competition gliders. Suntoucher is not the fastest way to move from point  A to point B. It’s designed for economical and environmental flying for long distances and brings  a completely different view point for flying.


The idea was to create a new type of an aircraft with the ability to operate in high altitudes. Whole wings are covered with solar cells, engine is situated in the middle of the fuselage and behind a pressurized cabin.

  • Date

    August 17, 2006

  • Skills

    design, mesh model, visualization

  • Client

    Personal project

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