Aircraft design Visualizations

NOX quadcopter

The cabin has an autonomous stabilization system which is dependent on a lfight mode eg. angle of attackm landing, taking off etc. this is why rotors are built together on one wing and connected to body just on one rotation pivot. There was also an idea to create an independent left/right wing, this should be more useful for faster and more effective turning capabilities. NOX can be manuevered with rotors, but also by  differences bettween angles of the wings.

The central part of the fuselage is built for battery pack, control unit and a camera system. Covers are designed for a drag coefficient elimination and making a more efficient upforce.  Fin shaped fuselage is designed for a better lateral stability in manuevering.


Requirements for this design were to create a quadcopter foe a 250 size category. Right now NOX is the main concept design for upcoming FPV racing simulator.

  • Date

    July 17, 2015

  • Skills

    design, mesh model, visualization

  • Client

    no name

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