I offer complex services in the field of aviation and product design. From Aircraft design & Styling, Aircraft interior design, Aircraft livery design & Illustration, Aircraft visualizations, Aircraft cutaway renders, CAD & MESH 3D models. During my career I had the pleasure to work with companies: Pilatus aircraft / Switzerland, S7 group / Russia, LET Aircraft Industries / Czechia, Pipistrel / Slovenia, Aeropro / Slovakia, Bristell / Czechia, Shark aero / Slovakia, NST / Czechia etc.


Aesthetic considerations also play a role in aircraft design. The aircraft’s exterior is a canvas where designers blend form and function to create a visually appealing and recognizable identity. Elements such as the shape of the wings, tail, and fuselage, as well as the placement of windows and paint schemes, contribute to the aircraft’s distinctive look.


Interior design is another crucial aspect of aircraft styling. The layout of passenger cabins, cockpit ergonomics, and cargo spaces must be meticulously planned to enhance comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Factors like seating arrangement, lighting, noise insulation, and in-flight entertainment systems contribute to the overall passenger experience.


Aircraft livery design is the art and science of creating visually striking and distinctive exterior paint schemes for aircraft. It involves combining graphic design principles, branding strategies, and aesthetic creativity to transform the surface of an aircraft into a captivating canvas that communicates a company’s identity, message, or theme. Livery design plays a crucial role in enhancing brand recognition, promoting a sense of pride, and leaving a lasting impression on passengers, observers, and aviation enthusiasts.


Aircraft visualizations are powerful tools used to bring aircraft design concepts, ideas, and data to life through realistic and detailed imagery. They serve as essential aids for communication, decision-making, and presentation in the aerospace industry. By leveraging advanced computer graphics and visualization techniques, aircraft visualizations offer a clear and tangible representation of complex designs, allowing stakeholders, engineers, designers, and the general public to understand and engage with aircraft concepts effectively.


Aircraft cutaway visualizations are detailed and informative representations that offer a cross-sectional view of an aircraft’s interior and exterior, revealing its inner workings, systems, and components. These visualizations are a valuable tool for conveying complex information about an aircraft’s design, functionality, and layout in a clear and engaging manner. By removing exterior surfaces and exposing the internal structures, systems, and compartments, cutaway visualizations provide viewers with a unique insight into the intricate details that make an aircraft function.


A Computer-Aided Design (CAD) model is a digital representation of an object or structure created using specialized software.

Visualize concepts with lifelike clarity, iterate rapidly to perfection, and save time and resources on physical prototypes. Collaboration becomes effortless as designs transcend screens, enabling teams to refine ideas in real-time.